Collections of Poetry

A Touch of Class: Tyler’s Toybox book 1. Taken from the first time pen and paper met by choice and inspiration rather than by school assignment, through the journey as a writer finds his voice through poetry, and learns to follow rules before breaking them. An overall rougher selection of poetry, from a writer’s awakening, there are some gems in which you can trace the author’s voice, even to his latest stories.





Down to Work: Tyler’s Toybox book 2. A second collection of poetry, with works chosen from years later than the first. Through college and, later, working life, the author continues to find his language and voice, and, through this, find himself. Through the echoes of these words, you can feel not only the effort the author displays in his writing and the rest of his life, but the growing awareness of the world around him, and a greater depth of emotion.





Someone Closer to Me: Tyler’s Toybox book 3. Through many jobs, several hardships, and an almost endless number of personal changes, the final collection of poetry finds the author growing very close to the person he would later become. Poetry that both expresses the changes he is finally noticing in himself, as well as his growing impulse for fiction, the works selected are among the best poetry the author has created, and create a clear bridge between the first, more raw works, and the novels and stories that were later to come.

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