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 Keeping Bliss: The first book I ever wrote. Marc Freeman is starting to have a really weird reoccurring dream, warning him about the future. The more times he has it, the more he thinks he’s seeing other peoples futures as well. Refusing to let anything get in the way of his romantic vacation with Brandi, his longtime girlfriend, Marc pushes it out of his mind. But it wont be ignored, and dreams crash into an increasingly complicated reality, threatening to tear apart his whole life. (There are parts that FEEL like a first book, but it has parts I really like, and I think, by and large, it would be a sin to go back and change it).




 A Wonderful Place: (or: How to Kill a Killer) James Hudson never planned to be a criminal; it was something that just happened. He somehow managed to stumble his way into a successful career. When you kill people for money, how do you explain yourself in a social situation? How do you look in the mirror? It was never a problem for James, until he met Vera, who made him question everything he had done with his life. Will he be able to go back to who he was, or will this job be the thing that finally kills him? (Based, as many of my things are, on a nightmare)




Waking Up: Cameron had a good life; A successful military career, a beautiful wife, and a wonderful daughter. But is any of it real? When he wakes up surrounded by people telling him about a life he’s never had, will he ever been able to find his family again, or will he lose himself completely? (This one was a particular point of pride for a very long time)






 Theophany Trialogue: Three short stories, inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. A man having the worst day of his life. A man at the end of the long road through rehab. A man sweating in the bright lights and filth of a noisy club. (Yeah, the title sucks, I know. I thought it was fucking clever at the time).






 The Great Green Beyond: (The Wolfman of the Northern Forest) Casey is sick of the world around him, and its time for a change. Heywood is concerned for his friend. When Casey decides to leave and explore the world on his own, he never imagined that there would be any consequences. Before he knows it, Heywood is seeing Casey’s face in blurred black and white pictures at the grocery store. Will his friends be able to talk him back into society, or will he disappear forever into the forests? (Another good cover. Neat story, too).


 A Broken Mold: Warren is dead, leaving behind a slew of family and friends to pick up the pieces. But when all the pieces are together, what kind of image will they create? (Available to the public after many versions and re-writes!!!)






  I’ve Never Been: A Bawdy Tale of Adventure and Discovery. Ellis has always had more charm than sense, so when an opportunity arises for him to spend several weeks in Europe, he jumps at the chance, expecting nothing but good times, exploration, and passionate encounters with exotic women. Reality hits hard, as he comes into conflict with his traveling companions, his lack of linguistic skills, financial insecurity, and even his own mind. Will he be able to pull it together in order to get the most from his time in Spain and Germany, or will his dream vacation turn into a nightmare?




 The Girl And The Bottle: A Damaged Goods Love Story. Sometimes no amount of love can stop us from sending ripples of destruction through our own lives, and those of everyone around us. (The brand-newest of brand-new stories, and quite possibly my new favorite child).






Gifts from Mab. A collection of short stories connected through the gossamer strands of dreams. Scaling across time and genre, the stories all have one thing in common: every one was inspired in part or in whole by a dream. From the most tender romantic moments to the most chilling of nightmares; journey down the paths of the sleeping world that exists only in the head of the author.




Fractured. A look at a brutal and merciless world where the rich and elite get that way, and often stay that way, through the blood and tears of those that they own. Taking place in a Romanesque societal underbelly, hidden from the eyes of the general public, are a series of parties and festivals often centered around gladiatorial matches. These matches and the wagers that accompany them are the true deciding factors behind many of the world’s most prominent headlines, mergers and business decisions. The story follows Spencer, who gets caught up on a bad day with a worse group of people, and becomes and unwilling participant in these proceedings, struggling to train, attempt his escape, and find out where he fits in with this new world he only recently discovered.



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